My-e-PostOffice LLC
The Small Investment with the Big Bang Return

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1. Create your own personal custom E-Mail PostOffice by utilizing an unlimited amount of E-Post Office
Boxes and an unlimited amount of E-Post Office Filters.

2. Experience the freedom of having each of your incoming emails from each of your email providers
(AOL, Yahoo, HotMail etc.) automatically delivered to My-e-Post Office and then have them delivered into
the e-Post Office Box of your choice. Click here . . . to see Demo

3. Utilize the My-e-Mail Post Office dual-pane window to effortlessly and Instantly Drag and Drop E-Mails from
any e-Mail Box to any other e-Mail Box of your choice.
(example drag the complete Customer Information File from the Ordered Folder to the Sold Folder).

4. Access to HTML email editor design components
(create your own web pages like MS Front Page or choose from several levels of Graphic Design Support.

5. Import and Export E-Mail from and to MS Outlook and Outlook Express.

6. Automatically Send and Receive Unattended E-mail from and to an unlimited amount of ISP's
(Internet Service Providers like AOL, Yahoo, Hot Mail, etc.).

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